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And a big thank you for visiting. (It makes me feel all warm and wanted when that counter clicks up another hit and I can’t keep asking my mum to do it for ever ) Tho frankly, counters of any sort are generally a Bad Idea, leading as they do, to daily obsessions like How many pounds did last night’s curry put on? Have I done 10,000 steps on my pedometer yet? and Checking One’s Amazon Ratings.

Yes, I do that – all the time. And I don’t believe authors who claim not to. I’ve had four novels and two non-fiction books published.  I also  do some freelance journalism , write a  column or two, give workshops, work the After-Dinner circuit, blag my way on to TV and radio when I can, talk too much and turn up at places various with a glass in my hand…

I am hoping , dear web-surfer, that you’ve come to this site in a quest to bring me fame and fortune. Ideally, you’re checking me out from your position of film director/TV or radio producer/newspaper editor/ tall, dark stranger longing to take me away from it all. Or have read my books and want to tell me how fab they are (thank you!). But even if you’ve arrived in error, and all you were after was someone to deliver cheap cat-food, you’re here now so you may as well take a look around.

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